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10 May 2015

5 Habits That Wreck Your Teeth

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5 Habits That Wreck Your Teeth

Playing Sports with No Mouth Guard

5 Habits

Playing a contact sport like hockey or football without a mouth guard can lead to severe mouth injuries. A mouth guard is a piece of molded plastic that protects the upper row of teeth. Players who go out on to the field without a mouth guard risk their teeth getting chipped or even knocked out when the game gets dangerous. You can get self-fitting mouth guards from a sports store, or you can come to Pearl Family Dentistry and have one custom made.

Cough Drops

When the weather gets chilly and our throats get scratchy, we reach for the couch drops. Just because they are sold in the medicine aisle does not necessarily mean they are good for us. Cough drops are usually loaded with sugar which reacts with plaque and coats your teeth. Bacteria from the plaque then convert the sugar into acid which breaks down tooth enamel. After soothing your throat, make sure to brush and floss your teeth.

Opening Stuff with Your Teeth

Can’t find the scissors and resort to using your teeth sometimes? It may be convenient, but it is one habit the dentist hates! When you use your teeth as a tool it can cause damage such as a chip or a crack. Buy an extra pair of scissors or a bottle opener to keep handy since this will be cheaper than replacing one of your teeth.

Sports Drinks

5 Habits

Having an ice cold sports drink after a tough game is refreshing. But these drinks are usually high in sugar. Similar to soda or candy, sports drinks create an acid attack on the enamel of your teeth. Drinking them often can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. To stay hydrated while working out drink sugar-free, calorie-free water.

Constant Snacking

Snacking does not provide the same amount of saliva as a meal does. This means that food bits in-between your teeth will be left there for a longer period of time. Try to avoid snacking too frequently and look for snacks low in starch and sugar – try carrot sticks or celery stalks for example.


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