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Dr. Badwalz
12 Jun 2016

6 Odd Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt

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zahnreinigung-1514692_1920Filling Falling Out


There are a few reasons why a filling fell out; it could be decay built up around it, an unusual amount of force applied to the filling, or it could be the breakdown of fillings material. Many patients don’t always notice a filling has fallen out until they bite down. When the patient eats they cause food to get packed into the space causing sharp pain every time they chew. The solution for a missing filling is to come into Pearl Family Dentistry soon enough then Dr. Badwalz will be able to properly clean and replace the filling with ease.


An Abscess


With all the summer blockbusters coming out and temperatures soaring in the hundreds everyone is heading to the movies. Be careful with all the movie treats though! That kernel of popcorn can cause a world of pain for you as well as your gum pockets if you are not flossing daily! An abscess is a tooth infection in a pocket that is filled with old food or debris. Sometimes patients come into Pearl Family Dentistry often with bits of lunch, but that is not a problem with good flossing habits. However, it does become a problem when it is last week’s lunch. When patients have debris sitting between their teeth it can cause an abscess to form and result in serious inflation, irritation, pain, swelling, and pus. This can all be avoided though with good flossing habit. Here is a helpful guide on how to turn flossing into an everyday habit.


Sinus Flare-up


The Valley is known to have a lot of pollen in the air and this can cause allergies. If your upper teeth are bothering you and you have cold like symptoms or suffer from allergies, it could be your sinuses acting up.  Another sign is that you only feel pain when you move your head a certain way, or when you stand up or sit down.

When your sinuses fill up it can cause pressure in your upper teeth and behind your eyes. If it is truly a sinus flare up it is in your best interest to see your general doctor and clear up the sinus infection first and then come to Pearl Family Dentistry if the pain still persists.


Receding Gums


Patients who have not been into a dentist office for years often have gum recession due to gum disease and/or grinding. Many people don’t notice the signs of gum disease because the pain is not a lingering pain, but a sharp one that comes when you expose your teeth to hot or cold. Dr. Badwalz will recommend using sensitive toothpaste and Act mouthwash and/or a night guard.


Grinding Your Teeth dentist-1513610_1920


Night grinding can be caused by a number of reasons such as stress or anxiety. The pressure from grinding on your teeth all night takes a toll so it’s best to have a night guard made to help protect your teeth.  Dr. Badwalz will take an impression of your mouth and make a custom night guard for you to use. If your night guard doesn’t fit right, come back to the office to have it adjusted!


Dry Mouth


In a study done by the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, researchers found that triathletes who did intense exercise for long hours had a greater risk for tooth erosion when compared to those who don’t exercise. Here at Pearl Family Dentistry we highly recommend that our patients live an active lifestyle.

During intense workouts, you tend to breathe out of your mouth more causing it to become dry. When your mouth is dry it is at risk for more cavities since there is little to no saliva there to help coat and protect your teeth.

You can solve this by hydrating often with water! Try not to hydrate with sports drinks because they are often loaded with sugar and this can worsen the problem.


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