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Dr. Badwalz
18 Jan 2016

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Teeth Look Whiter, Without Whitening Your Teeth

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1. Swish With Water After You Drink Coffee

Swishing with water will stop the staining element in coffee from penetrating and sticking to the biofilm on your teeth. Make sure that you only use water and don’t brush your teeth immediately afterward. Brushing your teeth after drinking something acidic (like coffee or orange juice for example) can actually wear down your teeth’s enamel; this will make it look like you have been whitening your teeth.


2. Change the Color of Your Lipstick!

The color of your lipstick contrasts with the shade of your teeth. So if you want to try to make your teeth look a little whiter, try changing the color. If your teeth seem to have a yellow hue to them, wear shades of pink or berry colored lipstick. If your teeth have a grayish hue, wear shades of copper or bronze; this will make it look like you have been whitening your teeth.

apple-661726_19203. Eat Crunchy Fruits, Vegetables, and Greens

Crunchy fruits and vegetables, (like apples, celery, and carrots) are high in cellulose and act as natural abrasives. Every time you take a bite out of an apple, it helps clean your teeth and remove surface stains. Green vegetables (such as spinach, broccoli, and lettuce) contain minerals that coat your teeth and stop other food pigments from staining your teeth, thus making it appear to your family and friends that you have been whitening your teeth.


4. Swap the Whitening Gum for A Toothbrush

Do you chew on a piece of whitening gum after eating a meal? Try instead to use a mini toothbrush on the go. Brushing your teeth after eating a meal is more effective than chewing on a piece of gum. Just remember to not brush after eating something acidic. Drink/swish with water instead.

straws-1111453_19205. Use A Straw

Drinking coffee, soda, juice, tea, or any other beverage that has a color tint through a straw helps to keep it away from the surfaces of your teeth.


6. The Most Important Rule Of All For Whitening Your Teeth is….

Schedule a regular cleaning with one of hygienists here at Pearl Family Dentistry! They will clean the surfaces of your teeth and get rid of any plaque and tartar that collect on the surface of your teeth. While you are here we could advise you on clinical ways of whitening your teeth. Also remember to brush and floss your teeth regularly!


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