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02 Jul 2015

Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

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Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

Everyone knows there are certain foods that are bad for our teeth. Foods high in sugar and acid are always known as the bad guys that ruin our teeth. Here is a list of some foods that seem like they would be bad but surprisingly aren’t! In fact, they help build your teeth and make them stronger.

1 – Dark Chocolate!

Dark chocolate (70% cacao or more) has a compound in it called CBH which has been shown to help harden tooth enamel. This means that it actually helps fight against cavities!

2 – Wild Salmon/Vitamin D

Calcium protects your teeth and gums from disease. Sometimes your body is not able to fully absorb the calcium, so eating foods high in Vitamin D like salmon helps your teeth and gums get the calcium from the foods you eat.


3 – Cheese

Eating cheese is a great way to fight against erosion causing foods that are high in sugar or acid. Just make sure not to eat it on a saltine cracker because the crackers can actually cause cavities.

4 – Oranges

Even though oranges are acidic, the Vitamin C in them helps to strengthen blood vessels and lower the chance of gum disease by reducing inflammation. Just make sure to not brush your teeth after eating anything acidic. Wait at least 30 minutes and then brush softly.

5 – Water

Water makes up 99.5% of saliva. When your mouth is dry there isn’t enough water in your saliva to help break down food and neutralize bacterial acids. This will cause bad breath and may lead to cavities. We already know that water is important for our health, so keep your mouth and body healthy and stay hydrated!


6 – Green and Black Tea


Green and black teas are known to have many health benefits. Drinking tea after a meal will help keep your body and mouth healthy. Polyphenols, a component in tea, is known to slow down or even kill the bacteria in your mouth that release decay-causing acid.


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