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11 Apr 2016

How to Make Flossing a Habit

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bathroom-15565_1920Flossing may be just one of the best and most beneficial habits that you can have, but it seems to be one of the most difficult ones to form. Here are a few quick tips and tricks on how to make flossing a daily habit that you will actually keep.


According to experts, it takes 21 consecutive days to form a habit. The hardest part about getting into a custom of flossing every day is starting. If you are able to motivate yourself every day, you will be good to go! So how do we overcome this obstacle of turning flossing into a daily habit?

Pair It Up With An Existing Habit

Some people see brushing and flossing as two separate activities when in fact they actually go hand in hand. Before you reach for the toothbrush, grab some floss and floss your teeth and then brush afterwards. This way you can trick yourself into thinking that they are one action and will soon be on your way to healthier gums and thus a healthier you!

Make Floss More Available and Multitask!

You don’t have to just floss when you are in the bathroom. Place floss around the house and in your car to make it more accessible. Between dropping off the kids at soccer practice, studying for exams, and busy work hours who actually has time to floss? By having floss in more places, you can multitask and floss at the same time! You can floss in between TV commercials, when you’re stuck in traffic, or when you’re taking a break from studying.

Switch Floss

If you find it hard to floss or get in the habit, try switching from regular floss to floss picks. Floss picks are easier to use since they have a handle and a piece of floss on top. If you don’t like reaching into your mouth, or hate the way that floss feels when it’s wrapped around your fingers, then this is the solution for you! As an added bonus, try keeping a bowl of floss picks next to your toothbrush so that you can see them and feel more inclined to use them.

Set Reminders For Yourself


These days everyone is attached to their cellphones. Before you say good morning to anyone you check your phone. So why not make use of this habit as well by downloading some helpful apps. There are so many apps out there today that can help you keep track of your health and remind you to do helpful tasks. Check out these useful apps:

  1. Floss Your Habit Coach (available for Android)
  2. Text to Floss  (available for both Android/iOS)
  3. HabitBull (available for both Android/iOS)


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