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14 Jul 2015

Morning Breath: Why We Get It & What We Can Do About It

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Have you ever wondered why you wake up with a sour breath every morning?

65% of Americans have halitosis, or what is more commonly known as morning breath. It occurs at night because that is the time when saliva production is low in the mouth. A dry mouth becomes a bacteria’s favorite place because they are able to grow. Saliva is your body’s natural mouth rinse and with low amounts it can’t regulate the amount of bacteria in your mouth.

Some Causes of Morning Breath

If you breathe with your mouth open at night or snore, you’re more likely to have morning breath because there is a higher chance that your mouth will be dry. Smokers also tend to have bad morning breath because smoking not only dries out your mouth, it can raise the temperature in your mouth. This becomes a breeding ground for the odor causing bacteria.


Certain medications cause dry mouth as a side effect which leads to morning breath as well. If you have allergies, they too can cause bad breath in the morning. The mucus that drips down your throat while you sleep becomes a buffet for bacteria to feast on. They multiply and your sour breath increases.

What to Do


Brush and floss your teeth!

Brushing and flossing your teeth is not only important for your overall oral health, it helps to keep that sour breath away in the morning. Floss and then brush your teeth for 2 minutes before bed time to cut down on the amount of bacteria in your mouth. Remember to brush your tongue as well! 85% of bad breath is caused because of the tongue, so don’t forget to clean that as well.


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