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Dr. Badwalz
04 Jan 2016

New Year, New Smile

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This year is the year to get your oral health back and get that new smile! Here are some New Year resolutions you can do to ensure your mouth is healthier than ever!


1 – Get An Appointment To The DentistWorking pic 1

Call up our office today 209-383-6133 or go to our website and schedule an appointment. It is very important to have at least 2 visits per year for regular cleanings and exams to find problems before they become problems.


2 – Floss

Flossing daily will help keeping your oral health at the top of its game and ensure you get yourself that new smile for the new year. When you are not flossing regularly you are missing out in cleaning your entire mouth! American Dental Association recommends flossing at least once a day to help remove plaque from the areas between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach.


3 – Cutting Back On Sugarsugar-485055_1920

Dentistry is not expensive, but neglect is. Cavities are largely preventable, by paying attention to what you eat. When you can pass up that candy bar and soda, you will be one step closer to stepping up your oral health game this year and getting that new smile you want.


4 – The Grind

Make sure you are not grinding while sleeping. Night grinding can lead to major problems like: broken teeth, gum recession, and/or jaw pain. Talk to Dr. Badwalz about some possible solutions like a night guard.


5 – ExperimentShower Flosser

Try out some new exciting dental products such as shower flosser! This will make sure you get that new smile in no time!


6 – Fluoride

Fluoride is an excellent way to prevent tooth decay. If you live in City of Merced try switching from bottled water to filtered tap water. Even the surgeon general credits water fluoridation with the decline in tooth decay.
The dental practice of Dr. Badwalz,is located at 3178 Collins Drive in Merced. He has been active in the Merced community since 2009. Make sure to visit Pearl Family Dentistry at or you can also find us on Facebook if you’d like to join in on the conversation there. Call us today 209-383-6133 to make an appointment for your six-month check-up or to finish your treatment.

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