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18 Jul 2015

8 Ways You Might Be Ruining Your Teeth Without Even Noticing

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We all know that there are certain foods and things that can cause damage to our teeth.

Here is a list of a few surprising things that can ruin your smile.

1 – Drinking Sugar-Free Fizzy Drinks

Think you’re not causing damage to your teeth by opting for the sugar-free fizzy drink? Sorry, but it still happens. Even though there is no sugar in these drinks, they are carbonated. The acid will wear away at your teeth enamel.

2 – Biting Your Nails

Constantly biting your nails will change the shape of your teeth and can even cause them to crack or chip.

3 – Eating Dried Fruits

Seems harmless right? Dried fruits actually contain high amounts of sugar that can cause cavities and decay. Eat small servings of dried fruit and drink some water afterwards to take some of the sugar off your teeth. Remember to floss and brush!

4 – Not Drinking Enough Water and Being Dehydrated


Drinking enough water is not important for your overall health, it’s good for your mouth too! Having a dry mouth increases the chance of getting cavities because there isn’t enough saliva to coat and protect your mouth from bacteria.

5 – Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard

Forcefully brushing your teeth isn’t going to make them cleaner. In fact, it may cause damage to your mouth. There is a higher chance that it will make your teeth more sensitive, damage your gums, or wear down enamel.

6 – Opening Packages with Your Mouth

Opening plastic packages, biting off bottle caps, or even using your teeth to take tags off of things all can cause cracks or chips in your teeth. Use scissors instead!

7 – Chewing/Biting on Pens and Pencils

Our teeth were not made or meant to chew on plastic things. Biting on pens and pencils can cause stress fractures on your teeth or even shift them.


8 – Drinking Fruit Teas

Fruit infused or flavored teas with lemon or raspberry have been shown to weaken teeth enamel so opt for peppermint or floral teas instead.


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