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26 Jul 2015

Sensitive Teeth?

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Think You Have Sensitive Teeth?

Do you ever feel a small sharp pain when you eat or drink something hot or cold? Or maybe you feel it when you open your mouth and expose it to cold air? Sensitive Teeth can be a warning sign that there may be a problem.


All-Over Sensitivity

The most common sensitivity seen by dentists is an all-over sensitivity in the mouth that is caused by eating or drinking something really cold. If the pain goes away quickly, there is no reason to worry as this is common. But if the pain lasts for a longer time on a specific tooth or area of your mouth, there may be a hidden problem. This may be a sign of a cracked tooth, cavity, or shift in a filling.



If the pain on the affected tooth/area of the mouth also comes back when exposed to heat or pressure, then there is a high chance that there is an infection. If the pain you feel is all over your mouth, then your gums may actually be the problem. Brushing too hard, plaque build-up, and smoking all can cause your gums to recede. This exposes roots in the gums which are extremely sensitive teeth.

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The Problem

Of course there are many reasons why your teeth can become sensitive teeth. Brushing your teeth too hard, whitening your teeth too much, over use of mouthwash, dead or damaged nerves, recent dental work, or gum disease all can cause your teeth to become sensitive. Drinking or eating highly acidic food can also cause this problem.


The Solution

If you are constantly experiencing this problem, make an appointment to see Dr. Badwalz at Pearl Family Dentistry. If the pain is too severe to handle, come in for an emergency appointment as soon as possible. We will work as quickly as we can to reduce pain and make you comfortable once again.


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