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13 Oct 2016

The Biggest Dental Problems for People Over the Age of 50

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couple-843489_1920As we get older with age we tend to face health problems that were never really an issue before, like major dental problems. The good news in regards to your teeth is that there is scientific evidence that adults over the age of 50 are now keeping their natural teeth longer than compared to adults in the past! This does mean, however, that it is still important to come to our office for a regular exam and cleaning to make sure that your mouth stays clean and healthy and free of dental problems. Some dental problems that may occur over the age of 50 includes:


Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, taking certain medications or sleeping with your mouth open at night can cause it to happen. Signs of dry mouth include a metallic taste in your mouth, bad breath, dry throat, dry lips, a sticky feeling in your mouth, and trouble swallowing. Your mouth needs saliva in order to help coat your teeth and swish away any left-over food particles that may be stuck in between your teeth. Saliva also helps to neutralize the acid from bacteria in your mouth keeping any major dental problems away.


Gum Disease

If you see some blood in the sink when you spit out your toothpaste it isn’t a good sign, it could be sign of a dental problem. Gums that are swollen, red, or bleed easily may be affected by gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis may turn into periodontitis which is when the bacteria moves below your gum line and spreads. This will cause your gums to pull away from your teeth and may lead to bone loss. You can read our previous blogs about gum disease or ask one of hygienist’s at your appointment for more information.


Tooth Decay


implant-1527310_1920Tooth decay can still occur as you get older. Cavities can form around old fillings, on the surfaces of your teeth that never had a problem before, or down near the roots of your teeth. As we get older, the root of our teeth becomes softer and may become more exposed, increasing your chances of getting a cavity.


Oral Cancer

The chances of getting oral cancer increase as we get older. The best thing to do is catch it in its early stages so that treatment can occur as soon as possible. If you are over the age of 50, we recommend getting screened for oral cancer here at Pearl Family Dentistry.


Overcrowding Teeth

Our teeth begin to shift with age. You may not notice any changes at first since teeth move slowly over time. If you start to notice that it is becoming harder for you to brush or floss your teeth, your teeth may have started to move. The best thing to do is keep up with your oral hygiene routine and to also have your regular cleanings with one of our hygienists (Yvette, Sochhan, or Lizette). If your teeth have shifted significantly, you may also want to see an orthodontist.



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