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Dr. Badwalz
05 Jun 2015

Surprising Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

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Importance of Good Oral Hygiene


Many of us know that good oral hygiene is important. Not only is it necessary to prevent things such as tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath but it can also prevent more serious illnesses. At Pearl Family Dentistry in Merced, it is our job to educate every single patient on the importance of oral hygiene and how it can affect their overall health.



In 2010 researchers from New York University (NYU) discovered a connection between gum disease/good oral hygiene and Alzheimer’s after conducting a 20 year study. Although the subject pool was small (152 subjects), enough conclusive data was collected for the researchers to come up with this conclusion. Participants were enrolled in a study that followed them for twenty years and ended when the participants were all over the age of 70.


Cognitive tests were given to participants at age 50, and then again at age 70. The NYU team found that gum disease in participants over 70 was associated with a lower cognitive test result. Study participants were nine times more likely to score lower on the test in the presence of gum inflammation.


In 2013, researchers from the University of Central Lancashire added to these research findings by comparing brain samples of people who had Alzheimer’s and those who did not. Results from the findings showed that a bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis was present in the brain samples of those with Alzheimer’s but not in those that didn’t have it. In 2014, Dr. Singh Rao followed up on this research and concluded that there is enough evidence to say that two of the three bacteria that cause gum disease are capable of motion and have found ways to leave our mouths and enter our brain tissue. One way is to crawl up the nerves that connect the roots of the teeth to the brain. The other path is indirect and through the blood system. In patients with bleeding gums, the bacteria will enter their blood system every time they eat food or clean their mouth.


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