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28 Jun 2015

Things the Dentist Can Learn About You From Your Mouth

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Going To The Dentist



When people go to see a dentist, they assume that only something teeth related will be discovered, like a cavity or gum disease. This is not always the case though. In fact, dentists are able to diagnose many other things just by taking a look at the inside of your mouth.


From health issues to bad habits, the Dentist can learn many things about you with a simple exam of your mouth.

Right Before Your Dental Appointment

The one and only time you flossed was right before your dental appointment. If you don’t floss on a regular basis and decide to do so one time right before your appointment the dentist will definitely notice. The gums of people who floss every day will be pink and healthy. The gums of people who decide to floss only one time will usually be red and have cuts.

You Bite Your Nails

The dentist will be able to tell if you bite your fingernails without even having to take a look at your fingernails. Signs of this habit include cracked or chipped teeth as well as flat, leveled off front teeth.

You Used to Suck Your Thumb


Children who suck their thumb past the age of seven may have a change to the position of their teeth or bite. This can be corrected through the use of braces.

You Have a Sinus Infection

Often times people will come in and say that they believe they need a root canal. For some this is not always the case, in fact it ends up being a sinus infection. This is because the roots of the top teeth are in the same area as the bottom of the sinuses.

You Love Drinking Gatorade, Soda, or Other Sugary Drinks

Teeth can be softened by sugary drinks over a period of time. This can lead to cracked/chipped teeth because they are weakened from the sugar. Energy drinks can also cause damage to your teeth when consumed over a long period.


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