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Dr. Badwalz
01 Sep 2016

Visiting the Dentist While Pregnant

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Dentist While Pregnant

Many changes start to happen to your body when you become pregnant. When a woman becomes pregnant there is a shift in hormones which can increase your chances of developing gum disease, which is why it’s important to visit the dentist while pregnant. Your body will start to produce higher levels of estrogen and progesterone, and this can have an effect on your gums and how they react. In fact, 40% of women will develop some form of gingivitis during their pregnancy.  If you are already pregnant and have had gum disease in the past, it is even more important for you to visit the dentist while pregnant.


Gum Disease and Premature Birth Weight


Numerous studies have been conducted to find out whether or not there is a relation between gum disease in pregnant women and low birth weight/delivering prematurely. A research study published in The Journal of the American Dental Association found that pregnant women who have chronic gum disease are in fact 4 to 7 times more likely to deliver their baby prematurely and/or give birth to an underweight child than compared to pregnant women who do not have periodontal disease. It is very important to visit the dentist while pregnant. This is because the bacteria that are associated with the gum disease travel through the bloodstream and cause the mother’s body to produce more prostaglandin chemicals (which are suspected to induce premature labor). There are other health risks that are associated with gum disease such as heart and lung problems for the mother.


What You Can Do – Visit the Dentist while Pregnant

The first most important thing to do is brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, floss every day, and use mouthwash. The next thing to do is to make an appointment to get your oral hygiene checked. When you visit the dentist while pregnant your oral health, as well as your overall health, will increase. Even if you are pregnant, it is important to keep up with your dental hygiene routine. We have worked with patients who were in their first and second trimester and make sure to accommodate your needs so that you are comfortable in the chair. Call our office, Pearl Family Dentistry, at 209-383-6133 to schedule an appointment with one of our hygienist’s (Yvette, Socchan, or Lizette) today!


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