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Dr. Badwalz
28 Mar 2015

Why Do We Get Cavities?

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Do you have excellent oral hygiene but still tend to get cavities?
Why in the world would that happen!? Could it be in your DNA or just what you eat for dinner?

What is a Cavity?


Cavities are a result of tooth decay. Tooth decay affects the outer coating and inner layer of your teeth. What causes the decay? When foods high in carbohydrates (like bread, cereal, fruit, or candy) stay on your teeth, a bacterium in your mouth reacts with these leftover carbohydrates and causes the breakdown of your enamel.

It is in the Genes

You never go to bed without brushing and flossing and won’t dare to leave the house without a proper brushing and flossing, but Dr. Badwalz still says you have cavities. You are not alone in this situation, and surprisingly it might not have anything to do with your dental routine.


How could this possibly be happening? One reason is that it may be due to the bacteria that we all have in our mouths. Some bacteria are beneficial to us, but some are the reason why we have to brush our teeth twice a day and come to Pearl Family Dentistry for regular cleanings.


People who keep up with their regular dental hygiene but are still getting those pesky cavities can blame genetics. These people tend to have a low PH in their mouth, and this will lead to more cavities than the average person.

It Is All About That Sugar

Sugar is always the number one suspect. If you are someone who was gifted with a bad set of genes, sugar is your worst nemesis when it comes to controlling the bad bacteria in your mouth. After eating something high in sugar, it takes about 20 seconds for the bad bacteria to start feeding on your teeth and increase in number.Cavities


The best thing to do is make sure to limit your intake of sugar as to prevent any cavities. You don’t have to give up on sugar completely, but just try to reduce the amount that you eat. This will not only be beneficial for your overall health, but for your oral health as well!

 Certain Medications

Certain medications can cause dry mouth and this can increase your chances of getting a cavity. This is due to the reduction of saliva that is produced. Saliva helps to coat your teeth and flush away any excess sugar and food. Don’t stop taking your medications, but try be more diligent with your oral hygiene routine.


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