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Dr. Badwalz
28 May 2015

Wind Talkers Open Up

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Wind Talkers

In 2005 Dr. Badwalz did his externship for Boston University at Fort Defiance, Arizona which is located right next to the city of Window Rock, capital of the Native American Navajo nation. During his externship he had the opportunity to work on a real-life hero, a Navajo code talker.


The Veteran came into the hospital at Fort Defiance looking to keep his original teeth, which were in good condition for a man in his early eighties.  The Veteran was wearing a Marine Corps Wind Talkers hat which sparked the interest of Dr. Badwalz, who himself served in the US Navy reserves for ten years as well as in the Indian Army.


After a brief conversation, Dr. Badwalz found out that the Veteran was one of the original 29 Wind Talkers who helped aid the US military intelligence during World War II. During the war, German and Japanese intelligence groups were able to figure out and decipher US codes. Philip Johnston, a World War I veteran and civil engineer, proposed the use of a Native American language as the language to use for new codes.  This proved to be extremely successful. The 29 men of the Navajo Nation came together and came up with a code that was never broken during the war.


On Wed June 4, 2014 the last original Wind Talker passed away, thus ending an era of incredible heroes, but their incredible story will continue to live on through film, books, and documentaries.


Throughout history, everyday people would rise to the occasion and become heroes. These incredible men became a part of history and continue to live on through the impact that they left behind.


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