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Dr. Badwalz
20 Jun 2015

Are X-Rays Dangerous?

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The Debate

When it comes to digital x-rays, especially dental x-rays, there is a large debate on whether or not they are necessary. X-rays are taken to detect damage and disease in the mouth that are otherwise not visible to the eye. Depending on how well you take care of your oral health, you may not need to take x-rays as frequently as most people think. Dentists recommend taking them to see what your current dental health is. Just looking at your mouth and poking around with tools will not show any hidden problems that you may have. An x-ray will be able to detect any oral health problems that you may have early so that they can be treated quickly.

Radiation Exposure

Some people are against having dental x-rays done because they are afraid that the radiation exposure is large. Current technology has limited the amount of radiation that patients are exposed to. The exposure is so minute that any effects would be small. For example, a dental x-ray gives off a radiation level of .08 millirems (mrems). Compared to the amount that is given off of 1 pack of cigarettes, 36 mrems per year, or living in a stone/adobe house, 7 mrems per year, it is apparent that the radiation exposure is minimal. Wearing a leaded apron helps to minimize this small exposure as well.

How Many X-Rays You Will Need?

How many x-rays you will need to take depends on a few factors. If you are a new patient at Pearl Family Dentistry, an x-ray would be recommended to help the dentist understand your current oral health and diagnose any problems that you may have. If you have frequent oral health problems, they may need to be taken every 6 months and if you have excellent health they may be taken every year.


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